“June Yap: So looking forward to check in when I have my next baby. I have the comfort in mind knowing I’ll be taken care and also my newborn baby will be manage by experts with tender loving care.”

“Ng Keng Hoh: Project fills a much-wanted need. Mothers & babies can look forward to professional care. I recall the many bad experiences both my wife and also my mother had with the “pui-yoot” (caregiver during confinement month).”

“My 4-week confinement journey at Cocoon Postpartum Care was a memorable one. The staffs were very friendly and helpful, making my recovery period a bearable one. The room was comfortable for my baby and I, and the massages by the masseurs helped me to feel more refreshed and energised. The meals provided are delicious and nutritious, too. Considering that I’m a fussy eater and having some allergies, they actually prepared a customised meal plan for me. Thank you so much to all the staffs at Cocoon Postpartum Care!”

“Sally: Massage service was very good. Managed to make my tummy smaller”

“Hui Kean: Thanks for recommending Kak Ina for me. She is very good. She highlighted a lot of my problems to me which I was not aware were “problems”. Today she only had time to focus on my breast. We found lumps and also hard spot on both sides of my breast and armpit. She helped me to clear 70% of it. We also focused on my back because I still suffer from minor back pain. My headache is also slowly recovering.”

“Maria: I was in COCOON for one week and had a very good time there. I am not an easy person and i guess, sometimes the staff is getting crazy because of me. But every wish i ever had: every wish was fulfilled! The staff at this cozy place is great! Everyone is very lovely and always helpful. The nurses are so so wonderful and lovely with the babys, i can not get enough to have an eye on their work! The rooms are very cozy and nice. All is new and clean. No bad smell or something like this. All is very very nice. The reason why i choose the Cocoon Postpartum Care was, that it is very cozy and familiar. On Top, the Manager Chen, is totaly interested in natural things and also in hypnobirthing and gentle birth. I had also the chance to do an infant baby massage with Jashpreet Kaur. All together it was a good time for me at Omnicare Mama. I can highly recommend this place if you like it a bit more cozy. Thanks to Chen, Nicole, Glory – and a special THANK YOU to these great nurses! You all did a wonderful job!!! All the best for you.
Alma Clara & Maria ❤”


“Jessie Khong: Provides very professional traditional post natal massage. Truly enjoyed my sessions with the masseur and able to see results within a week. Highly recommended for new mommies to recuperate from pregnancy and child birth.”

“Emily Chuah:I was at cocoon for 30 days and it had been my 1st and wonderful experience of staying at a confinement centre with assistance from friendly and helpful staff. They had provide excellent service especially in caring both infant and mother needs. Parents are guided thru in proper care of infants and this is of importance to 1st timer parents. I really appreciate their passion in taking care of infants which will warrant a peace of mind for mother’s during this golden period of recovery. Definitely will go back for my next pregnancy”.

“Ming & Karen:As first time parents to be, we couldn’t decide whether we needed a confinement Aunty or center. But I am glad we came across Cocoon. From a guy/husband/father’s point of view, go to a confinement center. Yes, it may be a slight premium however, it is worth the piece of mind you get when your wife and child(s) are in good hands of certified nurses & experienced midwifes.You can go about the first month stress free when 1) visitors can’t simply touch your child(s), for safety reasons 2) you’re safe from “kepoh” aunties that know everything about everything 3) Cocoon’s customisable care designed for the mother and child 4) it’s not a full traditional out-dated Chinese practice… I can keep going. Friendly and thoughtful staff. Would return when the next kid pops. So guys, just house them for a month here la. Believe you, me; you’ll thank me later! Thank you Cocoon!”

“Monica Leong: I’ve signed up for a 28 days stay in Cocoon and I thoroughly enjoyed my confinement session there. The room was cosy, comfortable and the basic amenities were well provided. The food prepared were wholesome but what I’ve enjoyed the most were the professional services of the nurses. They were genuinely attentive and very caring towards the babies. They’ve also offered proper guidance and useful tips on baby care to me and my spouse. Thank you for the wonderful experience!”

“Mandy: I decided to stay in confinement centre in very last minute and luckily I found Cocoon. No doubts, this is the right choice I made! Cocoon fulfilled my requests that I can rest well provided with a cozy, clean and quiet environment and the most important is my baby was take care by nurses in 24/7, they are professional and taught me what’s the specific things should be attention of my baby girl. I would say Cocoon goes extra miles in making sure every parents and babies are rest assured although 28 days is too short for me, I wish I can have a longer stay. Again, my husband and I appreciated the nurses and staffs are so in love to our baby girl – Princess, she will return with her younger sibling next time.”

“Thien Thien: A very loving and caring place to stay in if u r looking for a hassle free, all in one, the nicest traditional massage with the most cozy environment confinement centre. Most importantly the people there r friendly, very attentive, loving and professional. A special thank you to Cheng Ying and her team for everything u have arranged for me and my lil Bin.”

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